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Day Care


Encouraging developmental growth through a loving and safe environment Growing babies are very active learners and they change from moment to moment. Owing to rigorous change and development during this age, our environment is made extremely rich in opportunities and support holistic development of the child.

  • Daycare operates from 8.30am to 7pm with different time slots.
  • A home away from home atmosphere to facilitate learning.
  • Intake of 1-5 years to 12 years
  • Closed only on National Holidays
  • Provide 12 hours of service and care for children which includes study, sleep and play .
  • Snacks & Milk offered with healthy eating principles adhered to Comprehensive After School care with planned schedule hygiene and safety given prime importance.
  • Parent feedback actively sought & implemented.
  • Each child is provided with a unique sleeping bed.
  • Our facilities are on par with the best with a large emphasis on the growth and safety of each child.
  • Above all, reasonable fee structures to ensure parents get value-for-money.
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