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summer camp in adyar

Summer Camp

We have varities of summer camp programs at stepup3.



Learning cultural heritage through celebration at stepup3.



Multi queries and information about primary education.

admission at playschool

Admission Procedure

Its easy! Enroll your kid today at stepup3

Play As You Learn

Day Care

Designed to provide a healthy and safe environment where your child receives utmost motherly care.

Play Group

Trained staffs at STEP UP guides the toddlers to enjoy learning experiences and social skills.


Different curriculum according to each child's age and needs. We encourages children to build up his or her strengths and identify their unique talents.


There is a clear emphasis on the development of strong language, math, and science skills.


We are desirous about providing your children with life tools to be successful in all aspects.

After School

Encourages children to indulge in Extra-curricular activities like singing, Music and also life skills like yoga.

With Stepup3 Montessori Pre School !

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