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National festivals

Independence day

Apart from imparting the knowledge in books our school opens the door to the outside world by organizing regular field trips in each term. Field trips expose the kids to real-life situations and enable them to better understand their neighbourhood.

Republic day

Our Kindergarten worksheets are designed for language, arts that include reading readiness, phonics and vocabulary to help your child progress in these areas. It is structured to fit into a standard kindergarten curriculum and is a fun for the kids.

Religious celebration

The festival to celebrate birth day of lord Krishna.on this occasion our children dressed up as Krishna and rathai, we use to have pooja, snacks and sweets.
It is a festival celebrated on the birthday (rebirth) of Lord Ganesha, of lord It is believed that lord Ganesha bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festival. The same we teach our children as stories in funny way so the children can enjoy.
This Indian festival is celebrated in memory of King Mahabali and the month is to welcome his spirit. Decoration are done by children with many varieties of flowers in various designs.
Navarathri was celebrated with a grand koolu which was done with the cooperation of parents and staff. Sweets were distributed on the occasion. On the Vijayadashami day, many children were given akshara abhyasam .
In connection to Diwali, sweets were distributed and children were taught to celebrate Diwali on the safe mode.Our little ones sparkled in colourful and beautiful dresses.
Christmas crib was made and Santa Claus distributed gifts to the students.
it is our state festival,we teach the importance of this festival to our kids with sweet pongal and sugar cane and our children were dressed in traditional attire.

Common celebration

We teach our kids about importance of mother. children will make hand made gift for their mom’s.
We teach our kids about importance of father . children will make hand made gift for their dad’s.
The beautiful relation of a brother and a sister is celebrated in the festival of Raksha Bandhan.our children tie rakhi to eachother.This thread of love reminds the brother of his responsibility to always take care, support and protect his sister under all circumstances. This is followed by exchange of sweets and gifts.
Friendship day was celebrated by our little ones, with all enjoyment and togetherness. Kids were taught to make friendship bands and tied the same in harmony.
A theme based day highlighting the importance of the colour in class rooms every month.child will dress up in particular colour .and take way related to the colour will be done by the kids.

School Celebrations

Sports day

A fun filled day involving many indoor and outdoor sport activities for the little ones.

Founders day

The first anniversary of the school was conducted and celebrated as the founder’s day along with a specially designed cake of Step up 3.

Annual day

Complete academic year celebration, our little one enjoy fun filled dance and skits on the occasion. certificate will be distributed.

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